Mile 22

20180815 poster Mile 22

SYNOPSIS: Jimmy Silva and his crack covert team escort a double-agent 22 miles to an extraction point, while everything, including the kitchen sink, is being thrown at them to thwart them.

MY TAKE: This movie is non-stop suspense with plenty of action AND violence! The plot made me think of Bruce Willis’ 16 Blocks, but with a fictitious Southeast Asian country setting and an interesting twist at the end. If you like suspense and don’t mind the violence, this is a good movie.

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Crazy Rich Asians

20180725 poster Crazy Rich Asians

SYNOPSIS: ABC Rachel finds out her boyfriend is uber-rich when he takes her home to Singapore to attend his best friend’s wedding and meet his family.

MY TAKE: A thoroughly enjoyable movie! This dramedy tells a story of love, family expectations, and cultural differences. As expected, the movie deviates from the book some, but overall, the story stays pretty true to the book. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a sequel. Stay through the end credits for a bonus clip!

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20180801 poster Alpha

SYNOPSIS: Left for dead, a young man meets a wolf as he learns to survive and tries to find his way home in Europe 20,000 years ago.

MY TAKE: Ads tout this movie as the origins of man’s best friend. Pure myth! Nevertheless, I liked the movie. Not sure why. Maybe I’m a sucker for stories about man and dog (wolf). Or maybe it’s the harsh but unsullied landscape. Just be prepared for some puke-worthy scenes, too – think eating bugs or plunging your hand into dung. Ugh!

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Dog Days

20180806 poster Dog Days

SYNOPSIS: Various dog owners’ lives intersect through their dogs.

MY TAKE: Just like all those other ensemble comedies, this movie is light-hearted with a bit of heartfelt drama. But it does have doggie cuteness to boost the movie’s enjoyability. No urgent need to watch this movie, but if you want a relaxing way to pass some time, go for it. And stay through the end credits for outtakes and an epilogue clip.

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The Darkest Minds

20180802 poster The Darkest Minds

SYNOPSIS: 16-year-old Ruby develops mind-reading and mind-erasing abilities and must find a safe haven to escape those trying to take advantage of her powers.

MY TAKE: The movie was so-so, with too much romance and not enough development of the main plot, which had many holes (an attempt to set up a sequel?) and was not that unique either. It was also easy to guess who turned out to be a baddie. I never read the book it was based on, but hopefully the book was much better. Not really a bad movie, just not new or exciting enough.

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20180628 poster Searching 1

SYNOPSIS: When a 16-year-old girl disappears, her father retraces her digital footprint to find clues to help the police find her.

MY TAKE: This is a movie for the digital age. It effectively weaves screen shots, videos, emails, and other electronic media together to make you feel like you’re right there beside the father, viewing his daughter’s digital footprint and discovering patterns and inconsistencies that may be clues to her disappearance. And the suspense keeps you wondering how the story will end. Very good movie.

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Mission: Impossible – Fallout

20180723 poster Mission Impossible Fallout

SYNOPSIS: Ethan Hunt and team race against time to get back three plutonium cores from terrorists planning to launch simultaneous attacks.

MY TAKE: This franchise is really going strong! Stunts, stunts, and more stunts, plus familiar and new characters delivering a story with plenty of twists and a touch of funny – the movie drew the audience in, and the 2.5 hours mostly flew by. If you enjoy action movies with unbelievable stunts, definitely go watch this movie!

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Eighth Grade

20180719 poster Eighth Grade

SYNOPSIS: Kayla deals with her personal insecurities as she navigates her final week in the eighth grade.

MY TAKE: I could not relate to this movie – I grew up in a different time. Critics loved it though, most saying that it captures today’s middle school and adolescence quite well. However, for me, the acting was good but the story was meh. You can either catch it on video or skip it altogether.

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The Equalizer 2

20180717 poster The Equalizer 2

SYNOPSIS: Robert McCall hunts down the people who killed his friend Susan.

MY TAKE: The premise deviated from the first movie and the TV series, where McCall used his vast skills to help innocent people in difficult situations. In this one, those became sub-plots, with the main plot being (brutally) avenging a friend’s murder. That said, the movie did draw the audience into the suspense even if it was easy to figure out the villain early on. Good movie but not Denzel’s best.

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Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

20180716 poster Mamma Mia Here We Go Again

SYNOPSIS: As Sophie gets ready for the re-opening of Hotel Bella Donna, flashbacks show how Donna came to be on the island and how she met each of Sophie’s three possible dads.

MY TAKE: I enjoyed this movie a lot – the singing was better than the first movie and they minimized Pierce Brosnan’s singing time 😀 However, they did have more songs I was not familiar with. Lily James was great as a young Donna, and watch out for the Greek immigration officer! Stay all the way through the end credits for a bonus scene.

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