Darkest Hour

20171130 poster Darkest Hour

Winston Churchill becomes Prime Minister amidst the advance of Hitler’s troops across Europe. Should he consider a peace treaty or should he fight on? Gary Oldman is amazing – not only is he unrecognizable in his Churchill prosthetics/make-up, his mannerisms and the downturn of his mouth and his acting also capture Churchill very well. The story itself is informative, although the filmmakers most likely took some liberties with the details, as most “based on a true story” movies do. Also, the scenes are pretty dark – most of the scenes are set in dimly-lit or windowless rooms, which kinda makes the movie gloomy. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’d say watch this movie, if only for Gary Oldman’s performance.

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Pitch Perfect 3

20171219 poster Pitch Perfect 3

The Bellas have graduated and are forging their own paths in the real world, but the call to reunite is strong, so Aubrey asks her father to get them a gig touring with the USO. As with the previous two movies, this movie combines good harmonies with laughs. However, there is a completely superfluous side story involving Fat Amy’s estranged criminal father that adds action and explosions to the movie. Really? What for? If you ignore the side story, the rest of this movie is definitely a fun watch!.

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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

20171218 poster Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle

Fun, fun, fun!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and am glad that this is not a remake of the original one with Robin Williams, which I did not like that much. In this version, Jumanji is now a computer game, not a board game. A young man gets sucked into the game in 1996, and 20 years later, four teens get sucked into the same game and take on the physical traits and skills of their avatars, and the adventure begins. The chemistry amongst the characters is very obvious, and there is non-stop action, suspense, comedy, even romance. Definitely a gooood movie to watch!

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The Shape of Water

20171204 poster The Shape of Water

In the early 1960’s, a lonely woman discovers a humanoid water creature being tortured at the secret lab where she works, and as she develops interest in the creature, she tries to find a way to save him. The story kinda reminds me of Splash, which starred Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah, although this story is heavier, more adult-oriented, and more surreal. Other than a tad bit slow start, the pacing of this movie is just right. The tension towards the latter half keeps you pulled in. The visual effects are also done very well. If you don’t mind inter-species relationships, you’ll like this movie.

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