Mark Felt – The Man Who Brought Down The

20170918 poster mark_felt_the_man_who_brought_down_the_white_house_xlg

If you want to know more about Deep Throat (aka Mark Felt) of Watergate Scandal infamy, this movie is for you. The movie deals mostly with events related to the Watergate Scandal, but also touches on Felt’s personal life. The movie is well-done, and the acting is good. This is definitely a Liam Neeson vehicle, but there is a whole slew of supporting characters who help bring this story to life. The one nit for me is that Liam Neeson sounds like Liam Neeson – he does not change his tone or inflection or accent to sound more like Felt. Other than that though, I found the movie good and informative, although not necessarily a rush-out-to-watch-it-on-opening-weekend kind of movie..

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American Made

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This movie is based on the life of airline pilot turned drug and arms smuggler turned informant Barry Seal. The movie does take liberties with the story, making the dangerous flying feats and dealings with the Medellin drug cartel look more like fun and games, so much so that this movie seems more fiction than true story. Nevertheless, Tom Cruise does a great job portraying Seal as a daring, even funny, character who also loves his family very much and understands the consequences of his actions. Definitely a good movie to watch!

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Victoria and Abdul

20170925 poster Victoria and Abdul horizontal

This movie is “mostly” based on the true story of the unique friendship between Queen Victoria and Abdul Karim during the latter years of her reign, and the friction the friendship caused with the Queen’s Royal Household. As Queen Victoria learns about the Indian world, Abdul also learns about the English world. However, this is not a movie about British Indian political history. As expected, Judi Dench does a great job as Queen Victoria, but the rest of the cast also do a great job. The movie is also surprisingly funny. So, as long as you are not looking for a history lesson, you’ll enjoy this movie.

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‘Til Death Do Us Part

20170921 poster Til Death Do Us Part horizontal

Woman fakes her death to escape abusive husband. Something happens to arouse his suspicions and he tracks her down. He confronts her and she kills him. The story is not original (remember Julia Roberts’ Sleeping with the Enemy and Jennifer Lopez’s Enough?). The movie draaaags. Several plot points don’t make sense. The acting is mostly just so-so. Taye Diggs has top billing but is only ornamental. And they use horror-movie sound effects and even camera angles (think Blair Witch Project shaky camera) to heighten the tense scenes, which makes the scenes laughable instead! I am not recommending this movie, BUT the subject matter is important. We need to raise awareness of domestic violence and ways to protect abused partners. Faking your own death is not necessarily the answer.

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Most people are familiar with Jeff Bauman, a 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing survivor, and one of the public faces of #BostonStrong. But this movie also depicts his private mental and emotional struggles, and the circle of family and friends who are his strong, albeit imperfect, support system. Jake Gyllenhaal does a good job of capturing the humor and mannerisms of Bauman, including attempting a Boston accent. The movie is a bit too long for the content, in my opinion, but a good and emotional movie to watch nonetheless, whether on opening weekend or later.

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Home Again

20170906 poster Home Again horizontal

Reese Witherspoon plays a recently-separated woman who gets involved with one of three young men who move into her guest house. Add to that two cute and sassy daughters, Candice Bergen as her mother, and an ex-husband who gets jealous of the three young men. No, this is not going to be an instant classic like some movie ads say, but this is an easy-to-watch light-hearted romantic comedy, a nice and enjoyable way to get some laughs and while away a couple of hours.

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