Born in China

20170418 BORN IN CHINA One Sheet - Resized

I really enjoyed this movie! Opening just in time for Earth Day, it showcases the family dynamics of pandas, golden snub-nosed monkeys, and snow leopards, following them over a year in their natural habitats. The scenery is amazing, the animals are majestic, and the stories are compelling. Chirus and cranes are also featured. Yes, the animals are anthropomorphized, but in this case, it’s to better tell their stories and hopefully inspire the audience to care for the animals and their habitats.

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The Promise

This is a love triangle set against a very difficult backdrop – the Armenian genocide. The movie is well-made, the acting good, and the pace just right even though the movie is over two hours long. There are some horrific scenes, as to be expected in the depiction of such a terrible event. Be prepared to leave the movie with a heavy heart and more compassion for those who are discriminated against and persecuted.

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Free Fire

An arms deal gone wrong, the movie is an agonizingly protracted shoot-out inside an enclosed warehouse. A quarter of the way in, most of the characters have already been hit by gunfire or heavy metal objects and can’t stand anymore, dragging themselves to hiding places to avoid bullets and other flying objects. And the rest of the movie is more of the same! Bottomline, skip this unless you are in the mood for some protracted mindless violence.

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