Queen of Katwe

The story of a young Ugandan girl who triumphs in the world of chess despite the circumstances she and her family live in, this movie will make you truly appreciate the lives and opportunities we have, while also gaining a lot of admiration for those who are able to raise themselves out of the mire. Bring tissues when you go watch this movie.

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Deepwater Horizon

A riveting inside look at the events and decisions leading up to the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig and the largest oil spill in US history. Definitely worth watching!

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A very well-made movie starring the terrific Tom Hanks, you get to see not just the miraculous Hudson River landing of a disabled flight, but the aftermath on Sully’s life, and his defense of his actions during the ensuing NTSB investigation. Stay for the end credits to see the real Capt. Sullenberger and some of the crew and passengers reunited.

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