20171115 poster Wonder

Based on a best-selling book, this movie tells the story of Auggie Pullman, born with a facial deformity and home-schooled his whole life, until now, when he starts fifth grade at a regular school, for the first time ever. Will he make friends? Or will he be bullied? Jacob Tremblay gives a terrific performance as Auggie, and the supporting cast does a great job as well. There are funny moments and heart-warming moments, but thankfully no overly sappy moments. “If you have a choice between being right and being kind, choose kind.” -Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. Bring the entire family to this movie!

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Justice League

20171113 poster justice_league_ver29_xlg

Yasss!!! DC delivers on this much-awaited movie and finally elevates the rivalry with Marvel. After Superman’s death, Batman needs to assemble a team to battle Steppenwolf, who has come to earth to find three Mother Boxes. The story, action, special effects, humor, music – everything works! And we finally get to meet the rest of the Justice League who were teased in the sub-par Batman v Superman. Definitely a movie to watch! And stay all the way until the end of the credits to see two bonus clips.

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20171025 poster Wonderstruck

Two stories simultaneously unfold slooooowly – a girl in 1927 looking for her mother and shown silent and in black and white, and a boy in 1977 looking for his father and shown in color. The two young actors who portray the leads do a good job, but how are these two stories related? As the scenes switch back and forth between 1927 and 1977, you’ll keep trying to look for clues to figure out how they intersect. However, when the link between the two is finally revealed, they still leave one big question unanswered. No need to rush out to watch this movie, but when you do, see if you have the same uanswered question at the end.

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Daddy’s Home 2

20171012 poster Daddy's Home 2

In this sequel, a dad and a step dad with extremely opposite personalities plan a combined Christmas so their children don’t have to shuttle back and forth for the holidays. Then their respective dads, with whom they have extremely different father-son dynamics, show up. Will Ferrell, John Lithgow, Mark Wahlberg, and Mel Gibson deliver non-stop laughs, some sappy moments, and even some cringe-worthy moments. The supporting cast (except for Alessandra Ambrosio, who is purely ornamental) is also good, especially the two kids who play Megan and Dylan. Never saw the first movie? No problem – this one stands on its own. This is definitely a fun movie for the holidays.

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Thor: Ragnarok

20171030 poster thor_ragnarok_ver17_xlg

Marvel definitely scores another win with this movie. Thor has to protect Asgard from being destroyed by the powerful Hela. Plot, action, humor, special effects, musical score – everything just works for the movie. The 2 hours and 10 minutes will fly by, and you’ll be entertained all the way through as I was. The cameos are fun, too. Stay all the way through the credits so you don’t miss a couple of interesting clips. And watch the movie in 3D!

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Thank You For Your Service

20171024 poster Thank You For Your Service

Trauma is often unseen, unspoken, and sometimes untreated. This movie, based on a true story, depicts the challenges a group of veterans face when they return home and try to resume civilian lives. For those of us who have no first-hand knowledge of PTSD, this movie is an eye-opener. It is a well-made movie, but it can be difficult to watch, with some gruesome scenes and some very emotional and gut-wrenching scenes. Nevertheless, I do recommend watching this movie.

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20171023 poster Suburbicon

An idyllic all-white community meets its first black neighbors while a mother gets killed in front of her young son during a home invasion. The first 40 to 50 minutes of this movie is a snoozefest. But then, the interesting stuff starts as the murder unravels, the real motives are revealed, and the guilty party tries to deflect guilt onto the black neighbors. And all through this, the movie keeps you on edge as you hope that the young son comes through somehow unscathed. Good to watch? Sure, if you don’t mind waiting a while to get to the interesting parts.

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The Snowman

20171018 poster The Snowman

A serial killer leaves a snowman at each kill site, and it is up to detective Harry Hole (Michael Fassbender) to find him. The story is interesting, even though it wasn’t difficult to guess the killer’s identity (if you haven’t read the book). BUT the movie is too slow – it took almost 50 minutes to show a killing and dismemberment in progress! Before that, you see case files and police work but not the killing itself. The movie runs just under two hours, but if they compress it by 30 minutes, it will be way better. Nevertheless, this is not a bad movie – just stock up on concessions so you have something to munch on as you wait for the story to slowly unfold.

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Goodbye Christopher Robin

20171017 poster Goodbye Christopher Robin

Young Christopher Robin, called Billy by his family, is mostly brought up by a nanny. When both his nanny and his mother are gone for a few weeks, he develops a close relationship with his father, Alan Milne, who takes him and his toys on walks in the woods, and this inspires Alan to write the Winnie-the-Pooh stories. And lest you think this movie is all happy happy, bring some tissues with you, too, as this movie aslo captures the aftermath of the sudden fame that Billy receives as fans identify him as Christopher Robin. Domhnall Gleason as Alan Milne, Margot Robbie as the mother, and Kelly Macdonald as the nanny, are good. And Will Tilston, the young actor who plays Christopher Robin, is adorable. A good watch.

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Mark Felt – The Man Who Brought Down The

20170918 poster mark_felt_the_man_who_brought_down_the_white_house_xlg

If you want to know more about Deep Throat (aka Mark Felt) of Watergate Scandal infamy, this movie is for you. The movie deals mostly with events related to the Watergate Scandal, but also touches on Felt’s personal life. The movie is well-done, and the acting is good. This is definitely a Liam Neeson vehicle, but there is a whole slew of supporting characters who help bring this story to life. The one nit for me is that Liam Neeson sounds like Liam Neeson – he does not change his tone or inflection or accent to sound more like Felt. Other than that though, I found the movie good and informative, although not necessarily a rush-out-to-watch-it-on-opening-weekend kind of movie..

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