Solo: A Star Wars Story

20180521 poster Solo A Star Wars Story

SYNOPSIS: This movie tells the back story of Han Solo – how he becomes Han “Solo”, meets Chewie, and gets the Millenium Falcon.

MY TAKE: The movie is good – special effects, acting, action, and humor all combine nicely to tell an interesting story. But two things bug me. First, even though his acting is good, Alden Ehrenreich is not Harrison Ford. Second, for a 2+ hour movie, the story does not dive deep enough into Han’s origins, only picking up when Han is already a young man with no family and no friends other than a first love. Still, it is a good movie and you will enjoy it.

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Deadpool 2

20180510 poster Deadpool 2

SYNOPSIS: Deadpool recruits his own team, the X-Force, to save a young mutant from a time-traveling villain.

MY TAKE: Ryan Reynolds brings out all the guns to make this one gorier and funnier than the first movie. The story is not as tight as I would have liked, but the music and all the pop culture and Canada and (superhero) movie references add to the overall enjoyability of this movie. And stay through the end credits to catch two bonus clips!

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Book Club

20180513 poster Book Club

SYNOPSIS: The love lives of four friends are transformed as they read “Fifty Shades of Grey” for their book club.

MY TAKE: There aren’t a lot of movies headlined by actors in their golden years, so, it is nice to see this one. Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen play to type, drop a lot of innuendos, and get the laughs. The supporting cast, featuring several actors we haven’t seen in a while, nicely complement the four leads. This is a fun movie to watch.

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Life of the Party

20180503 poster Life of the Party

SYNOPSIS: Deanna’s husband springs a divorce on her, so, amid this crisis, she decides to finish college at the same school her daughter attends.

MY TAKE: I find Melissa McCarthy movies to be a hit or miss, and I wasn’t sure whether this would be a Rodney Dangerfield “Back to School” rehash, but this is a different story and turns out to be more hit than miss. The movie is expectedly funny without being slapstick, and the plot is interesting although there are a few implausible plot points. Overall a fun movie to catch.


20180425 poster Tully

SYNOPSIS: Marlo is a harried mother of three, including a newborn, and she is gifted with a night nanny, Tully, to help her out. Tully proves a big help, and Marlo begins to function well again.

MY TAKE: The acting is good, and the story starts out as expected, but then becomes kinda odd, until a twist at the end makes sense of everything. And even though this is supposedly a comedy, the underlying subject matter is more serious, and not everyone will connect with this movie. You can probably just wait for the video.

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Avengers: Infinity War

20180426 poster Avengers Infinity War 1

SYNOPSIS: The Avengers and their allies try to stop Thanos from retrieving all 6 Infinity Stones.

MY TAKE: Going in, my concern was the number of MCU characters in the movie – how do you give each one enough focus and screen time? Well, they definitely pulled it off! And in 2.5 hours! The story is tight, the special effects amazing, and of course, you get lots of action and comedy, too. And as is usual with Marvel movies – stay all the way through the end credits to see a clip that sets up future Marvel movies! I can’t wait for the as yet unnamed Avengers 4 movie.

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I Feel Pretty

20180402 poster I Feel Pretty

SYNOPSIS: A woman thinks she has suddenly transformed into the perfect version of herself after she accidentally hits her head. Her ensuing confidence helps her achieve things she only previously dreamed of. But she hits her head again and wakes up to reality – how does she handle this?

MY TAKE: I did not have high hopes for this movie after the disappointing Snatched, but I was pleasantly surprised to find this movie funny and enjoyable. Amy Schumer redeems herself and sends out a body-positive message. The supporting cast is also good but does not over-shadow Schumer. A fun movie to catch.

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20180404 poster Beirut

SYNOPSIS: A negotiator is asked to help negotiate the release of an American taken prisoner in 1980’s Beirut. But who can he trust to help him?

MY TAKE: The story is interesting, and other than a slightly slow start, the pacing is just right. Jon Hamm also does a good job carrying the movie. However, there is backlash on social media about the portrayal of the war-torn Beirut. I have no basis to comment on the accuracy of the portrayal, so, if you watch this movie, just take it for what it is – purely a fictional story in a fictionalized setting.

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20180321 poster Blockers

SYNOPSIS: Leslie Mann, Ike Barinholtz, and John Cena play parents who find out their three daughters are planning to lose their virginity on prom night, so, they set out to stop it.

MY TAKE: As expected, there are funny scenes, outrageous scenes, as well as raunchy scenes The three actresses who play the daughters are refreshing. From a storyline standpoint though, this movie is basically an extended version of the trailer, plus the ending, plus an epilogue, plus another epilogue. A fun watch if you have nothing else better to do, otherwise, just catch it when it comes out on video.

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Ready Player One

20180327 poster Ready Player One 1

SYNOPSIS: In 2045, people go to the virtual reality world of the OASIS to escape their daily lives. Many of them are also gunters, hunting for an Easter egg left there by the now-deceased creator of the OASIS. The prize – ownership of the OASIS. Also trying to find the Easter egg is a large corporation – the bad guy.

MY TAKE: Another win for Steven Spielberg! As expected, the special effects are great. But just as enjoyable are the music and all those references to ’80’s pop culture. Surprisingly, the movie is also funny! And other than a slight lull early in the movie, the pacing is just right, making the 2:20 run time go by quickly. You may want to brush up on your ’80’s pop culture and The Shining knowledge though before you go watch this movie. Yes, go!

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